US States & Territories Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

California, New York, and Massachusetts are the leading states for nonprofit organizations by both amount of assets and number of organizations. Combined, they cover over 25% of all nonprofits in the US. Over 50% of all nonprofit assets in the US are concentrated in just the top ten states. The table below ranks all fifty states plus territories and the District of Columbia by various nonprofit statistics. You can click on the column headers to sort the data in ascending/descending order or use the filter box to quickly find a state. Click on any row to drill down into that state's details.
State searches and download lists have several different uses depending on your needs. If you have business interests that cut across cities, counties, and zip codes, a state list allows you to sort and filter nonprofits by these geographic locations and further drill down by asset and income amounts, principal activity, 501C classification, and more. This is useful for state licensed professions(financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, physicians, etc) or anyone interested in selling their product or service to nonprofits.
If you are doing any kind of nonprofit research where you need to compare locations by nonprofit financial statistics and then drill down to the organization level from there, the state searches can expedite this for you. For example, if you need to compare the five highest ranking cities in a state against the lowest ranking cities in the state by nonprofit assets and then drill down into those cities to look at the 501c classifications the organizations are under and look at average and median asset amounts for organizations, the state search can efficiently handle this.