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How to Obtain 501c3 Status for Your Nonprofit Organization

Transform your passion into a viable nonprofit with just a few simple steps. There are many financial benefits that your organization and contributors would enjoy from being tax-exempt both at the state and federal government level.

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization in California

In order to leverage your philanthropic skills into a broader reach, you need more resources, volunteers, and manpower. If you are located in California and looking to start a charitable organization, you will want to register your nonprofit with the state.

6 Low-Cost Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

Hundreds of billions $$$ are raised every year to fund nonprofit organizations. How can you attract some of those donation dollars for your group? The problem is many fundraisers invest a good amount of funds into organizing an event but fall short on attracting the right amount of people. The results can be a lot of work, little to no proceeds, and a disgruntled board.