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TaxExemptWorld allows you to download comprehensive lists with ease. Providing quick and easy access to nonprofit data and Form 990s, you can access and download all information to your phone, laptop, or desktop computer!

Lists include available form 990 pdf files, reported asset, income, revenue amounts, and more.
(available in excel, csv, ms access, and txt)

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What's included in a Data Download File?
  • A data download file includes organization details plus links to available form 990 pdf files for the organization or list of organizations you're downloading.
  • Phone numbers and other contact information for an organization are typically included in 990 files plus extensive details on income, assets, expenses, executives, directors, salaries, compensation, investments, and more.
  • See sample form 990 pdf files.
  • See spreadsheet list sample here
  • Select among various file formats for the download (ms excel - formatted spreadsheet, ms access, csv, or tab delimited text file).
  • The data download will allow you to view, sort, and filter information offline for more in-depth use.
  • Form 990s - PDF copies of all available form 990s from 2022 - 2009
  • Organization Info -OrganizationName, SecondaryName, EmployerIdentificationNumber, InCareOfName, ActivityOrMissionDesc, TaxExemptCategory, Classification, Affiliation, RulingDate, Deductibility, FoundationCategory, PrincipalActivity, OrganizationType, ExemptStatus, TaxPeriod, FilingRequirement, AccountingEndMonth, TaxonomyCategory
  • Contact Info -ExecutiveName, ExecutiveTitle, ExecutivePhoneNumber
    OrganizationPhoneNumber, Address, City, State, ZipCode, County, WebSite
  • Financial Info - Assets, Revenues, Income, ContributionTotals, ExpenseTotals, Liabilities, ExecutiveCompensation, InvestmentIncome, StockInvestments, BondInvestments, TotalSecuritiesInvestments, GrossRentalIncome, Insurance, InvestmentMgmtFees, AccountingFees, LegalFees, AdvertisingFees
  • 68 Columns of Data - Quickly filter & sort on each column
When will I get my Data Download File?
  • Immediately - Data download reports are instantly created for you. You select a file type, make payment(see pricing here), and get a link to download the file.
  • There is a service fee to run the data download service and that includes use of the data indefinitely - you will have access to all of the form 990 links included in the download now and in the future. Plus, the records come in a powerful formatted spreadsheet if you choose ms excel for easy sorting, filtering, and viewing of the data.
  • A customer support phone number will also be given to you in case any questions or technical issues come up. Feel free to call us!
I may want to download multiple lists - several states or metro areas for example - Can I get a discount?
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$7.98(1 record), $19.98(up to 5 records), $39.98(up to 100 records), $49.98(up to 1,000 records), $59.98(up to 2,500 records), $79.98(up to 5,000 records), $99.98(up to 10,000 records), $119.98(up to 20,000 records), $139.98(up to 30,000 records), $159.98(up to 40,000 records), $179.98(up to 50,000 records), $199.98(up to 60,000 records), $219.98(up to 70,000 records), $239.98(up to 80,000 records), $259.98(up to 90,000 records), $279.98(up to 100,000 records), $299.98(up to 110,000 records), $319.98(up to 120,000 records), $339.98(up to 130,000 records), $359.98(up to 140,000 records), $379.98(up to 150,000 records), $399.98(more than 150,000 records)