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TaxExemptWorld is a searchable database of nonprofit organizations offering detailed information on U.S. charitable organizations chartered under 501c rules.


The search feature provides you with several convenient ways to explore our vast list of charities and foundations.

The database contains detailed information on more than 2.3 million nonprofit organizations.

You can find groups by name, tax id(ein), 501(c) classification, or geographic location like zip code, city, state, county, and metro area.

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Data Downloads

For on-demand downloading of organization lists and charity profiles, you can use the data download service.

This feature will give you immediate access to form 990 information and numerous facts about each charity.

Each data download list of nonprofit organizations is available in several different formats - excel, access, csv, and tab delimited text files.

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Nonprofits by Geographic Location

State, Metro Area, County, City, and Zip Code searches are often the most useful way to locate specific nonprofits within a region if you’re looking to develop contact lists and sales leads, explore business opportunities, seek nonprofit jobs, expand fundraising initiatives, conduct grant research, and more. Researchers, business professionals, news media, professors, students, and many others use the information extensively for making comparisons, providing informational support, and identifying opportunities for providing business services, giving and receiving charitable aid, volunteering, educational assistance, grant funding, and more.

Top US Counties Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

Top States
Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

1. California $670 Billion
2. New York $524 Billion
3. Texas $330 Billion

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Top US Counties Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

Top Counties
Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

1. New York County NY $311 Billion
2. Los Angeles County CA $229 Billion
3. Cook County IL $176 Billion

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Top US Counties Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

Top Cities
Ranked by Nonprofit Assets

1. New York NY $311 Billion
2. Los Angeles CA $148 Billion
3. Seattle WA $130 Billion

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501C Classifications

There are over two dozen different 501C classifications that the United States Internal Revenue Code uses to categorize organizations qualifying for federal income tax exemption. The largest and what most think of as a charitable entity is the 501C3. This classification includes organizations whose primary activities are either charitable, educational, religious, literary, animal and children cruelty prevention, scientific, or public safety testing.

Charitable trusts under the 501(c)(90) classification are also quite common with 127,000+ organizations and over $100 billion in assets. Many wealthy families and corporations have entities under this category. Other large classifications include 501(c)(6) business leagues, 501(c)(5) labor organizations, and 501(c)(4) civic and social welfare organizations.

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