501C Classifications

The table below provides a breakdown of the many different 501C classifications which are assigned to organizations qualifying for exemption from federal income tax through the internal revenue service code.

The 501(c3) classification is by far the most extensive and contains over half of all the 501(c)
organizations in the database. The most common activities these organizations are granted tax-exempt status for include:

  • Religious(Christian, Protestant)
  • Human Service Organizations - Multipurpose
  • Private Grant Making Foundations
  • Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services
  • Private Independent Foundations
  • Animal Protection and Welfare
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Education N.E.C.
  • Public Foundations
  • Educational Services and Schools
  • Religion Related, Spiritual Development
  • Amateur Sports Clubs, Leagues
  • Parent/Teacher Group
  • Historical Societies, Related Historical Activities
  • International Relief

Many sports leagues and associations have 501(c) tax-exempt status like little league associations
and professional sports leagues such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball,
National Hockey League, PGA Tour, United States Tennis Association, and many more.