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 2,145,376 Organizations   Assets: $7,578,057,021,600  Income: $3,802,949,109,390
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Puerto Rico Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Puerto Rico (PR)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State1,980
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$2,973,382,628
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$7,581,057,310
Number of Counties in the State78

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adjuntas County PR 11$200,464$293,081
Aguada County PR 13$45,495,395$465,813,849
Aguadilla County PR 39$55,774,595$166,341,857
Aguas Buenas County PR 5$464,270$1,920,627
Aibonito County PR 10$1,462,120$2,665,501
Anasco County PR 6$439,913$245,378
Arecibo County PR 65$19,372,141$203,596,438
Arroyo County PR 4$7,418,639$5,077,344
Barceloneta County PR 10$9,396,247$5,404,451
Barranquitas County PR 5$13,044,816$189,040,934
Bayamon County PR 110$116,388,153$168,547,211
Cabo Rojo County PR 21$8,243,155$140,734,024
Caguas County PR 101$89,350,215$66,878,955
Camuy County PR 17$24,291,313$185,209,611
Canovanas County PR 11$1,749,562$10,280,015
Carolina County PR 57$56,881,430$33,449,825
Catano County PR 5$880,013$1,194,570
Cayey County PR 22$172,855,383$215,530,513
Ceiba County PR 9$2,003,738$8,355,338
Ciales County PR 5$7,776,093$7,426,203
Cidra County PR 18$27,547,028$30,300,254
Coamo County PR 7$467,685$120,114
Comerio County PR 2$1,981,757$421,091
Corozal County PR 4$6,946,256$111,597,776
Culebra County PR 3$162,646$136,046
Dorado County PR 24$2,050,822$1,578,092
Fajardo County PR 18$117,661$89,825
Florida County PR 6$2,000,376$4,530,970
Guanica County PR 3$281,600$98,316
Guayama County PR 3$0$0
Guayanilla County PR 21$1,097,504$618,921
Guaynabo County PR 64$41,799,834$45,064,887
Gurabo County PR 13$17,610,049$55,044,220
Hatillo County PR 16$16,517,549$131,241,591
Hormigueros County PR 14$987,177$301,277
Humacao County PR 51$91,699,782$113,846,903
Isabela County PR 15$19,322,593$315,496,409
Jayuya County PR 2$0$0
Juana Diaz County PR 9$325,752$34,788
Juncos County PR 11$1,779,418$2,426,616
Lajas County PR 5$0$1
Lares County PR 7$36,037,121$137,911,792
Las Marias County PR 3$223,293$105,528
Las Piedras County PR 10$540,177$887,503
Loiza County PR 6$17,481,242$19,086,461
Luquillo County PR 5$432,947$411,638
Manati County PR 27$23,988,103$142,088,853
Maricao County PR 2$0$0
Maunabo County PR 4$9,828,137$160,647,119
Mayaguez County PR 68$45,591,389$169,316,200
Moca County PR 19$32,429,680$23,040,048
Morovis County PR 5$13,639,590$89,629,584
Naguabo County PR 8$85,314$121,686
Naranjito County PR 4$39,490,503$31,099,397
Orocovis County PR 2$11,640$36,912
Patillas County PR 6$11,253,984$6,410,182
Penuelas County PR 9$363,888$5,541
Ponce County PR 114$318,113,145$335,107,792
Quebradillas County PR 8$11,262,186$183,192,746
Rincon County PR 8$41,788,939$601,661,347
Rio Grande County PR 1$193,335$277,302
Sabana Grande County PR 9$324,117$15,125,280
Salinas County PR 7$16,434$11,095
San German County PR 35$74,064,110$83,986,243
San Juan County PR 599$1,379,346,453$2,643,836,948
San Lorenzo County PR 3$131,751$60,040
San Sebastian County PR 8$5,282,299$88,676,438
Santa Isabel County PR 4$336,000$362,627
Toa Alta County PR 11$0$0
Toa Baja County PR 36$2,062,314$7,765,164
Trujillo Alto County PR 25$20,305,686$43,079,348
Utuado County PR 14$1,241,786$166,361
Vega Alta County PR 26$5,564,895$43,241,454
Vega Baja County PR 8$0$0
Vieques County PR 12$1,212,664$4,360,260
Villalba County PR 5$505,692$62,825
Yabucoa County PR 4$12,610,431$56,733,553
Yauco County PR 22$1,440,239$1,598,221


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