NonProfit Organization Sales Lists

TaxExemptWorld offers automated data downloads with sales lists of nonprofit organizations. It is our goal to help you compile the necessary contact information that your sales team can use to build a qualified direct marketing sales list for your business or organization. We can help you easily find and locate Form 990 information as well as US charitable organizations chartered under 501c3 rules. TaxExemptWorld provides you with automated and direct access to help you isolate the most qualified nonprofit organizations for your sale’s team to create a qualified list of potential prospects. Our system grants you instant access to Form 990 data regarding organizations that fall within your search parameters.

Find Qualified NonProfit Leads for Direct Outreach

We offer advanced search features to quickly find contact information for nonprofits if you are looking for multiple nonprofit data downloads. Our easy to access search filters allow your sales team to further examine the nonprofit data with automated list downloads to help save time and effort with direct contact outreach.

Searching for nonprofit data can be easily filtered by using the organization’s name, EIN (tax ID), geographic locations, and 501c3 classifications. If you are looking for non-profit data that is specific to a geographic location, our search feature allows you to fine tune the data search by zip code, city, state, county, and metro area.

We understand how important it is find qualified lists, which can free up your time to close on potential nonprofit sales leads. This is why we have put together the extensive search features to help qualify regionally based searching for your use. If you are unable to find the information that you are looking for, feel free to contact our staff to see if we can help direct you to the final location.

Automatic Data Download Lists of Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofit direct marketing with the help of TaxExemptWorld’s exact data downloads can help professionals like you quickly find and qualify sales leads with our automated download system. This database with bulk data downloads makes it easy for financial professionals that are looking for a direct reach marketing platform. These services have been designed to help the Financial Industry, CPA’s, Financial Advisers, Asset Managers, Investment Advisers, Lawyers, and Accountants.

Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Managing an active prospect list of nonprofit organizations and charities that can be used for expanding the sales outreach can be the main bread and butter for financial planners, CPA’s, Financial Advisers, Asset Managers, Investment Advisers, and similar financial employees as a whole. TaxExemptWorld understands how important it is for your sale’s team to have direct access to our nonprofit tax form database when building a reliable list of qualified sales leads. We understand the need for Financial Advisers, and similar professionals to expand their realm of influence by searching for relevant nonprofit organizations that fall within their desired geographic and a relevant financial realm. Selling to nonprofit organizations can be difficult, but we can help you find the most qualified organizations with our automated exact data exports.

Building a List of Prospects for 501C Organizations

The TaxExemptWorld database contains an extensive list of 501c organizations, which are some of the most common tax-exempt nonprofit organizations within the United States. Lawyers, CPAs, and similar Financial Professionals can use our search functions to expand on their direct outreach lists. These financial advisors will look for nonprofit organizations that are exempt from paying the federal income tax. In order to be classified as a 501-c an organization has to perform religious, scientific, literary, charitable, public safety testing, scientific, or preventing cruelty to animals and children.