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 2,145,376 Organizations   Assets: $7,578,057,021,600  Income: $3,802,949,109,390
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State Tennessee (TN)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State40,522
Income & Asset Totals/Details for Tennessee Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organizations
Reported Financial Detail Dollar Amount
Total Asset Amount Reported by Organizations $76,376,232,072
Total Income Amount Reported by Organizations $43,353,079,438
Highest Asset Amount Reported by an Organization $7,437,841,959
Average Asset Amount Reported by Organizations with Assets Greater than Zero $6,701,471
Highest Income Amount Reported by an Organization $5,997,520,531
Average Income Amount Reported by Organizations with Income Greater than Zero $3,836,622
Classification Totals for Tennessee Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organizations
Classification Description Organization Count
Charitable Organization (501(c)(3) 15,966
Educational Organization (501(c)(3) 8,666
Religious Organization (501(c)(3) 4,345
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Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from Tennessee
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Anderson County TN 595$529,497,024$284,420,224
Bedford County TN 188$216,490,882$431,514,561
Benton County TN 84$14,486,235$87,751,272
Bledsoe County TN 57$25,514,386$42,314,298
Blount County TN 519$281,445,919$303,029,644
Bradley County TN 520$509,630,690$519,088,703
Campbell County TN 123$44,067,788$45,073,929
Cannon County TN 47$1,279,040$3,708,037
Carroll County TN 159$91,277,383$106,900,578
Carter County TN 160$61,813,543$196,859,126
Cheatham County TN 146$12,246,544$30,134,591
Chester County TN 73$2,369,755$5,683,334
Claiborne County TN 105$156,390,470$266,959,653
Clay County TN 28$168,377$237,985
Cocke County TN 132$8,865,582$19,274,099
Coffee County TN 276$16,816,514$31,559,431
Crockett County TN 48$662,780$461,180
Cumberland County TN 276$177,433,270$243,829,130
Davidson County TN 5,411$14,061,680,748$20,381,040,919
Decatur County TN 75$6,697,103$6,660,367
Dekalb County TN 79$22,204,990$64,954,884
Dickson County TN 237$33,094,572$84,424,117
Dyer County TN 178$20,195,952$36,984,809
Fayette County TN 160$65,060,065$65,910,472
Fentress County TN 80$4,740,892$7,656,184
Franklin County TN 193$165,515,655$603,403,664
Gibson County TN 251$94,482,304$121,686,044
Giles County TN 160$30,717,481$38,757,898
Grainger County TN 62$3,699,930$10,532,663
Greene County TN 394$310,644,159$687,667,875
Grundy County TN 53$8,209,692$7,414,220
Hamblen County TN 321$102,472,592$274,554,869
Hamilton County TN 2,418$2,350,082,221$4,306,852,736
Hancock County TN 22$418,533$459,235
Hardeman County TN 125$14,812,978$21,484,344
Hardin County TN 142$101,153,718$118,391,265
Hawkins County TN 128$106,553,620$107,402,582
Haywood County TN 81$116,211,872$153,065,980
Henderson County TN 88$2,992,837$3,301,936
Henry County TN 189$28,932,175$95,827,580
Hickman County TN 91$100,364,012$132,171,636
Houston County TN 48$3,670,118$2,853,550
Humphreys County TN 126$20,307,031$48,943,248
Jackson County TN 33$34,962,680$89,195,480
Jefferson County TN 251$159,934,357$286,129,717
Johnson County TN 80$62,232,616$91,828,983
Knox County TN 2,908$4,850,091,538$12,635,964,327
Lake County TN 24$1,860,365$3,148,089
Lauderdale County TN 83$22,822,315$36,385,152
Lawrence County TN 172$13,367,129$63,986,322
Lewis County TN 57$20,273,691$54,935,839
Lincoln County TN 134$26,024,150$11,749,897
Loudon County TN 211$39,914,362$57,143,699
Macon County TN 56$155,619,648$263,026,811
Madison County TN 566$276,535,932$634,724,662
Marion County TN 124$84,629,560$116,869,238
Marshall County TN 117$9,629,170$13,703,754
Maury County TN 489$469,384,209$602,284,911
McMinn County TN 233$48,317,690$200,473,033
McNairy County TN 138$48,590,564$80,559,515
Meigs County TN 42$236,893,212$290,713,005
Monroe County TN 205$168,766,830$230,964,236
Montgomery County TN 507$318,878,337$504,966,145
Moore County TN 19$9,220,599$28,923,510
Morgan County TN 71$25,264,468$71,683,294
Obion County TN 178$107,349,142$367,368,241
Overton County TN 85$10,886,944$8,781,523
Perry County TN 42$4,374,931$4,813,907
Pickett County TN 23$226,389$450,700
Polk County TN 71$17,471,609$14,014,927
Putnam County TN 460$101,964,446$135,982,578
Rhea County TN 139$35,217,307$55,867,098
Roane County TN 244$60,949,539$54,640,683
Robertson County TN 229$98,890,666$146,564,581
Rutherford County TN 1,055$1,178,473,951$1,478,836,573
Scott County TN 75$49,119,747$78,976,338
Sequatchie County TN 46$17,018,382$14,216,020
Sevier County TN 383$64,342,275$129,251,598
Shelby County TN 10,541$9,773,715,848$18,381,114,463
Smith County TN 76$109,692,726$176,776,157
Stewart County TN 57$618,140$994,556
Sullivan County TN 1,067$1,280,643,135$4,147,145,832
Sumner County TN 765$98,980,082$250,351,441
Tipton County TN 189$121,536,593$78,777,037
Trousdale County TN 32$159,571$465,168
Unicoi County TN 103$60,900,646$70,236,266
Union County TN 56$1,484,284$3,652,422
Van Buren County TN 11$269,848$141,519
Warren County TN 181$114,053,565$274,135,519
Washington County TN 688$1,296,913,256$2,483,617,894
Wayne County TN 58$6,631,815$6,709,893
Weakley County TN 209$43,783,607$35,328,010
White County TN 83$3,521,016$6,849,205
Williamson County TN 1,680$1,554,934,694$1,474,127,664
Wilson County TN 522$130,176,246$124,133,537


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