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State Indiana (IN)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State49,985
Income & Asset Totals/Details for Indiana Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organizations
Reported Financial Detail Dollar Amount
Total Asset Amount Reported by Organizations $103,525,391,696
Total Income Amount Reported by Organizations $57,821,944,400
Highest Asset Amount Reported by an Organization $9,330,554,649
Average Asset Amount Reported by Organizations with Assets Greater than Zero $6,761,066
Highest Income Amount Reported by an Organization $4,219,978,331
Average Income Amount Reported by Organizations with Income Greater than Zero $3,823,565
Classification Totals for Indiana Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organizations
Classification Description Organization Count
Charitable Organization (501(c)(3) 18,724
Religious Organization (501(c)(3) 6,080
Educational Organization (501(c)(3) 5,153
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Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from Indiana
to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type

County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adams County IN 208$44,812,127$94,325,587
Allen County IN 2,579$2,938,137,662$4,116,790,895
Bartholomew County IN 624$421,304,011$1,630,940,917
Benton County IN 112$6,360,332$21,375,998
Blackford County IN 106$6,608,790$9,293,895
Boone County IN 453$89,979,404$347,765,789
Brown County IN 172$20,972,437$59,126,915
Carroll County IN 144$24,286,233$33,472,448
Cass County IN 294$82,540,995$77,027,943
Clark County IN 922$321,733,098$540,677,223
Clay County IN 160$32,654,668$62,336,854
Clinton County IN 250$68,213,592$97,302,639
Crawford County IN 52$2,038,356$6,816,090
Daviess County IN 191$18,504,890$42,034,713
De Kalb County IN 323$110,493,111$248,304,744
Dearborn County IN 349$92,692,405$147,584,085
Decatur County IN 208$50,282,186$108,790,316
Delaware County IN 900$631,086,610$916,256,677
Dubois County IN 431$311,703,406$413,843,027
Elkhart County IN 1,739$1,326,992,112$2,560,036,696
Fayette County IN 209$80,822,304$94,756,885
Floyd County IN 482$108,112,643$218,066,955
Fountain County IN 177$17,522,478$35,697,045
Franklin County IN 233$120,223,507$176,122,151
Fulton County IN 187$32,652,152$61,563,306
Gibson County IN 282$115,989,162$115,641,060
Grant County IN 580$678,251,132$1,417,917,658
Greene County IN 238$77,571,028$144,309,251
Hamilton County IN 1,829$1,568,966,817$3,058,677,234
Hancock County IN 395$127,209,723$357,476,800
Harrison County IN 259$261,074,795$291,235,700
Hendricks County IN 646$184,655,075$246,809,723
Henry County IN 321$123,903,561$125,510,359
Howard County IN 581$210,899,245$320,590,815
Huntington County IN 319$313,905,807$357,355,119
Jackson County IN 335$105,424,177$241,757,831
Jasper County IN 239$96,338,900$202,331,971
Jay County IN 199$43,580,821$91,231,005
Jefferson County IN 242$388,113,214$532,793,941
Jennings County IN 163$36,388,691$51,260,140
Johnson County IN 731$366,138,215$687,566,418
Knox County IN 290$170,174,160$238,251,625
Kosciusko County IN 611$372,380,791$571,796,624
La Porte County IN 808$486,899,268$773,504,073
Lagrange County IN 193$64,221,222$96,585,290
Lake County IN 2,835$2,241,706,964$3,211,587,876
Lawrence County IN 312$232,656,826$578,551,049
Madison County IN 841$691,628,453$685,337,719
Marion County IN 9,537$20,511,868,947$37,674,729,660
Marshall County IN 344$233,664,012$599,825,023
Martin County IN 96$42,690,772$67,961,839
Miami County IN 222$30,193,543$53,888,590
Monroe County IN 1,155$5,017,335,695$3,755,558,350
Montgomery County IN 313$341,764,619$705,950,835
Morgan County IN 433$216,410,591$338,213,773
Newton County IN 105$11,026,122$22,457,461
Noble County IN 322$209,730,832$342,241,718
Ohio County IN 55$32,369,786$49,266,106
Orange County IN 194$84,337,253$116,256,762
Owen County IN 168$13,645,260$45,752,839
Parke County IN 132$38,814,383$75,256,548
Perry County IN 202$64,491,955$437,805,333
Pike County IN 119$3,200,242$5,831,676
Porter County IN 931$481,637,765$1,156,332,120
Posey County IN 185$12,367,397$30,480,317
Pulaski County IN 134$38,331,064$46,269,730
Putnam County IN 351$291,411,592$951,651,818
Randolph County IN 224$50,023,548$62,686,960
Ripley County IN 175$81,575,317$184,899,036
Rush County IN 175$57,991,816$106,435,478
Scott County IN 143$8,855,147$17,388,871
Shelby County IN 284$149,560,463$170,145,518
Spencer County IN 208$21,016,107$56,901,025
St Joseph County IN 2,167$7,646,531,015$18,836,821,074
Starke County IN 136$9,784,236$14,734,586
Steuben County IN 280$186,613,115$245,589,246
Sullivan County IN 157$40,330,569$56,661,943
Switzerland County IN 83$14,790,028$28,061,216
Tippecanoe County IN 1,344$786,102,247$2,351,570,221
Tipton County IN 107$68,238,112$74,196,524
Union County IN 59$29,555,699$53,749,721
Vanderburgh County IN 1,541$1,952,930,894$2,831,957,979
Vermillion County IN 134$12,775,380$17,400,285
Vigo County IN 883$1,471,253,568$1,732,014,871
Wabash County IN 321$267,114,272$1,462,640,164
Warren County IN 57$40,482,331$72,673,508
Warrick County IN 362$48,803,743$41,560,549
Washington County IN 165$31,115,624$54,349,714
Wayne County IN 580$826,209,098$1,482,459,922
Wells County IN 196$92,774,377$148,991,837
White County IN 216$110,691,119$226,893,915
Whitley County IN 234$222,727,189$200,487,961


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