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South Dakota Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State South Dakota (SD)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State9,063
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$8,063,670,270
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$16,900,188,900
Number of Counties in the State66

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Aurora County SD 42$1,702,329$4,555,600
Beadle County SD 246$115,408,425$223,643,060
Bennett County SD 39$21,014,852$46,091,854
Bon Homme County SD 82$22,765,362$42,257,207
Brookings County SD 384$107,669,506$280,901,329
Brown County SD 433$370,720,411$729,551,830
Brule County SD 68$12,824,586$17,718,608
Buffalo County SD 14$2,353,356$1,956,871
Butte County SD 105$18,510,667$51,016,385
Campbell County SD 20$1$0
Charles Mix County SD 122$50,194,976$66,090,016
Clark County SD 67$4,476,516$17,967,206
Clay County SD 152$71,451,825$301,398,919
Codington County SD 222$180,971,370$337,671,047
Corson County SD 36$849,180$1,525,608
Custer County SD 101$29,460,827$117,550,231
Davison County SD 252$176,739,865$284,646,526
Day County SD 102$27,437,767$39,981,273
Deuel County SD 61$13,374,465$48,450,576
Dewey County SD 64$33,313,380$74,035,514
Douglas County SD 57$11,881,092$16,430,426
Edmunds County SD 60$12,672,273$36,025,255
Fall River County SD 108$23,894,739$37,266,443
Faulk County SD 69$9,298,547$11,841,301
Grant County SD 93$16,836,401$46,566,724
Gregory County SD 97$13,143,704$31,522,623
Haakon County SD 48$8,372,156$7,536,204
Hamlin County SD 79$3,095,477$3,385,420
Hand County SD 79$16,416,935$158,704,630
Hanson County SD 23$182,706$1,332,880
Harding County SD 23$188,810$68,430
Hughes County SD 332$446,898,401$2,791,592,994
Hutchinson County SD 114$38,170,678$59,618,284
Hyde County SD 30$15,066,963$2,882,757
Jackson County SD 35$14,370,495$10,706,055
Jerauld County SD 52$4,580,195$19,887,182
Jones County SD 29$21,214,105$127,164,233
Kingsbury County SD 102$11,475,790$51,638,628
Lake County SD 135$238,160,416$394,069,997
Lawrence County SD 278$38,230,171$87,318,937
Lincoln County SD 260$1,563,015,860$3,232,506,001
Lyman County SD 49$1,809,273$2,736,904
Marshall County SD 74$8,977,475$34,118,133
McCook County SD 59$3,052,189$8,102,210
McPherson County SD 40$2,354,856$2,281,302
Meade County SD 200$12,553,481$33,898,692
Mellette County SD 20$0$0
Miner County SD 52$15,788,669$14,528,249
Minnehaha County SD 1,526$2,621,371,656$4,041,985,156
Moody County SD 61$66,381,325$180,859,875
Pennington County SD 1,004$1,042,822,479$1,741,947,682
Perkins County SD 75$24,763,695$81,084,051
Potter County SD 46$7,999,743$13,526,674
Roberts County SD 116$41,048,310$113,906,576
Sanborn County SD 38$2,765,535$32,820,438
Shannon County SD 68$76,859,383$99,336,347
Spink County SD 100$3,938,656$13,412,953
Stanley County SD 52$6,245,488$8,874,773
Sully County SD 18$684,428$95,309
Todd County SD 38$30,935,902$64,718,227
Tripp County SD 106$26,118,141$24,141,760
Turner County SD 112$66,823,956$126,514,972
Union County SD 146$44,415,046$64,117,635
Walworth County SD 86$26,868,912$40,048,686
Yankton County SD 237$160,286,674$341,089,831
Ziebach County SD 18$399,418$967,401


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