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Pennsylvania Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Pennsylvania (PA)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State97,915
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$166,297,916,086
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$1,124,474,671,993
Number of Counties in the State67

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adams County PA 575$591,145,943$1,174,694,136
Allegheny County PA 16,281$43,624,721,312$590,211,142,662
Armstrong County PA 418$179,312,064$176,094,763
Beaver County PA 999$544,252,528$1,514,223,269
Bedford County PA 405$62,281,292$118,067,078
Berks County PA 2,327$2,626,376,993$4,845,225,770
Blair County PA 808$889,780,878$1,083,488,906
Bradford County PA 536$1,985,922,392$1,428,936,629
Bucks County PA 3,188$2,634,193,587$5,695,714,998
Butler County PA 1,046$885,513,302$1,517,308,449
Cambria County PA 1,053$1,168,615,988$1,305,903,972
Cameron County PA 64$14,752,432$12,228,259
Carbon County PA 374$146,798,956$136,258,699
Centre County PA 1,301$805,928,953$1,009,847,918
Chester County PA 3,424$4,576,093,489$15,860,075,584
Clarion County PA 374$173,543,636$295,796,522
Clearfield County PA 608$494,793,282$583,957,608
Clinton County PA 280$85,281,882$165,259,552
Columbia County PA 437$109,894,333$218,598,727
Crawford County PA 1,023$612,135,898$870,763,196
Cumberland County PA 1,861$2,546,799,100$2,779,997,275
Dauphin County PA 2,622$6,030,050,510$28,376,301,666
Delaware County PA 3,864$8,798,928,502$13,996,237,346
Elk County PA 288$171,462,504$232,731,198
Erie County PA 1,907$2,117,052,629$2,884,628,082
Fayette County PA 845$431,827,138$533,755,878
Forest County PA 54$1,120,207$1,411,865
Franklin County PA 934$840,635,058$1,634,997,366
Fulton County PA 102$43,669,595$69,761,749
Greene County PA 220$86,817,175$197,219,048
Huntingdon County PA 342$294,809,447$340,354,810
Indiana County PA 795$423,854,370$806,209,855
Jefferson County PA 404$142,313,296$166,668,289
Juniata County PA 173$10,731,586$22,273,809
Lackawanna County PA 1,444$1,597,224,992$2,023,256,716
Lancaster County PA 3,185$4,256,084,540$6,752,195,854
Lawrence County PA 617$728,573,380$623,857,833
Lebanon County PA 740$600,849,636$753,859,995
Lehigh County PA 2,018$4,623,690,997$6,081,003,375
Luzerne County PA 2,011$1,558,891,343$1,864,920,316
Lycoming County PA 885$1,848,662,576$1,399,641,799
McKean County PA 429$206,450,187$283,052,602
Mercer County PA 882$904,546,562$1,090,829,398
Mifflin County PA 275$182,844,594$183,591,564
Monroe County PA 802$573,795,351$735,823,719
Montgomery County PA 6,277$13,516,249,368$21,384,803,857
Montour County PA 161$4,076,169,001$3,523,216,553
Northampton County PA 1,563$4,081,298,572$5,635,123,840
Northumberland County PA 656$191,490,810$163,747,109
Perry County PA 246$25,664,917$49,925,071
Philadelphia County PA 15,018$32,057,713,220$377,176,933,636
Pike County PA 223$23,537,343$65,873,550
Potter County PA 172$91,388,140$74,267,196
Schuylkill County PA 988$362,074,607$360,953,154
Snyder County PA 283$130,175,823$350,119,793
Somerset County PA 580$289,149,958$342,602,034
Sullivan County PA 74$12,818,249$45,932,830
Susquehanna County PA 330$74,424,340$102,157,803
Tioga County PA 428$190,108,801$363,499,082
Union County PA 389$625,110,477$1,560,138,411
Venango County PA 371$62,879,426$160,884,605
Warren County PA 385$195,685,416$281,630,430
Washington County PA 1,414$1,114,705,236$2,060,154,510
Wayne County PA 420$184,661,742$256,896,170
Westmoreland County PA 2,324$3,830,764,642$3,956,457,997
Wyoming County PA 161$19,591,112$40,637,891
York County PA 2,227$3,909,230,471$4,460,548,367


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