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North Carolina Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

State Profile

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State North Carolina (NC)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State61,314
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$90,834,731,010
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$678,062,935,402
Number of Counties in the State100

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Alamance County NC 749$651,433,937$1,129,405,204
Alexander County NC 133$12,838,937$29,990,223
Alleghany County NC 86$32,371,756$54,037,750
Anson County NC 126$80,212,155$129,791,933
Ashe County NC 156$64,334,946$63,404,498
Avery County NC 93$48,341,336$101,757,711
Beaufort County NC 390$77,784,191$195,540,248
Bertie County NC 119$44,698,147$98,937,232
Bladen County NC 173$11,203,470$26,619,610
Brunswick County NC 523$191,885,178$449,422,492
Buncombe County NC 2,198$1,994,921,151$4,701,460,421
Burke County NC 382$289,769,631$490,550,856
Cabarrus County NC 850$498,755,491$527,480,142
Caldwell County NC 351$352,314,071$572,492,215
Camden County NC 58$2,912,581$11,008,600
Carteret County NC 457$171,675,348$311,214,016
Caswell County NC 71$6,037,641$8,241,080
Catawba County NC 818$316,697,763$614,444,987
Chatham County NC 303$99,774,579$285,282,449
Cherokee County NC 171$88,996,186$64,532,793
Chowan County NC 111$19,272,115$14,847,877
Clay County NC 71$10,473,894$19,781,287
Cleveland County NC 469$171,267,245$302,112,046
Columbus County NC 321$120,113,862$144,433,010
Craven County NC 634$94,914,768$143,323,115
Cumberland County NC 1,493$1,326,733,124$1,409,567,793
Currituck County NC 93$6,748,884$11,700,063
Dare County NC 289$32,463,734$83,428,339
Davidson County NC 603$293,341,520$367,294,550
Davie County NC 206$27,467,257$45,734,362
Duplin County NC 213$13,904,103$28,561,375
Durham County NC 2,253$21,735,563,746$26,061,387,612
Edgecombe County NC 347$86,090,535$158,534,257
Forsyth County NC 4,103$9,546,714,783$15,338,942,355
Franklin County NC 231$31,983,710$47,243,992
Gaston County NC 927$941,318,607$1,401,717,337
Gates County NC 66$831,601$2,148,712
Graham County NC 49$4,741,914$7,670,057
Granville County NC 231$25,033,643$90,802,312
Greene County NC 83$13,512,934$14,426,837
Guilford County NC 3,818$4,513,566,201$8,712,760,507
Halifax County NC 359$188,142,197$206,893,134
Harnett County NC 520$923,131,631$911,162,701
Haywood County NC 343$161,352,562$667,413,985
Henderson County NC 682$315,777,360$495,037,555
Hertford County NC 150$68,819,808$101,481,503
Hoke County NC 118$6,247,935$11,420,429
Hyde County NC 58$4,653,215$9,032,723
Iredell County NC 846$401,412,399$728,780,177
Jackson County NC 277$196,370,535$285,413,169
Johnston County NC 624$76,263,502$109,319,992
Jones County NC 44$1,513,889$2,460,731
Lee County NC 312$78,903,992$133,261,622
Lenoir County NC 359$219,317,905$342,461,117
Lincoln County NC 322$25,274,020$56,956,580
Macon County NC 305$127,005,387$235,891,509
Madison County NC 138$132,224,401$243,796,819
Martin County NC 139$18,629,857$22,656,241
McDowell County NC 193$22,133,406$74,771,415
Mecklenburg County NC 8,114$7,939,802,460$14,603,182,325
Mitchell County NC 83$60,564,260$108,802,995
Montgomery County NC 97$5,854,564$12,300,349
Moore County NC 612$728,815,522$1,281,402,022
Nash County NC 522$384,750,749$940,103,230
New Hanover County NC 1,391$507,698,639$1,323,164,792
Northampton County NC 128$15,240,657$24,853,076
Onslow County NC 508$194,388,057$371,962,258
Orange County NC 1,382$1,660,424,428$5,638,631,933
Pamlico County NC 104$11,848,635$18,530,929
Pasquotank County NC 258$39,459,956$71,058,091
Pender County NC 223$131,321,499$220,489,201
Perquimans County NC 89$28,117,218$74,769,026
Person County NC 167$14,247,116$19,466,450
Pitt County NC 1,031$2,002,091,240$2,791,064,334
Polk County NC 209$120,475,994$163,691,420
Randolph County NC 526$324,031,423$477,003,799
Richmond County NC 307$12,809,990$28,365,884
Robeson County NC 592$547,445,119$776,363,693
Rockingham County NC 429$177,928,123$258,287,528
Rowan County NC 775$352,447,990$619,968,608
Rutherford County NC 360$417,131,552$510,197,600
Sampson County NC 257$50,587,193$40,558,439
Scotland County NC 211$202,958,348$192,894,213
Stanly County NC 322$291,619,383$262,751,241
Stokes County NC 192$11,418,267$25,458,022
Surry County NC 357$244,539,272$388,365,676
Swain County NC 105$129,711,404$157,597,048
Transylvania County NC 262$149,529,777$315,672,729
Tyrrell County NC 32$3,863,234$7,751,316
Union County NC 817$435,630,099$532,209,766
Vance County NC 279$66,510,598$181,721,979
Wake County NC 7,279$24,569,285,784$574,354,753,769
Warren County NC 101$3,737,358$8,246,414
Washington County NC 86$7,603,820$81,371,646
Watauga County NC 445$863,700,739$811,667,162
Wayne County NC 637$519,084,402$614,849,570
Wilkes County NC 323$66,460,222$123,608,152
Wilson County NC 813$475,106,999$670,842,465
Yadkin County NC 163$33,616,209$22,168,573
Yancey County NC 112$12,682,035$26,544,022


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