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Montana Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Montana (MT)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State12,961
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$8,433,420,222
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$13,033,490,320
Number of Counties in the State56

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Beaverhead County MT 163$19,957,355$86,473,837
Big Horn County MT 112$22,044,715$29,057,292
Blaine County MT 97$15,321,947$20,459,061
Broadwater County MT 52$5,992,559$5,991,979
Carbon County MT 152$35,719,251$90,343,525
Carter County MT 25$6,848,110$16,865,553
Cascade County MT 841$1,033,735,874$965,955,408
Chouteau County MT 118$7,731,493$18,474,193
Custer County MT 152$80,094,453$65,133,028
Daniels County MT 46$7,487,533$6,770,276
Dawson County MT 140$44,922,760$71,871,279
Deer Lodge County MT 121$71,292,310$47,714,808
Fallon County MT 53$9,970,468$13,556,225
Fergus County MT 171$59,890,790$63,466,706
Flathead County MT 971$570,504,796$2,071,266,368
Gallatin County MT 1,047$641,108,263$1,072,097,752
Garfield County MT 30$118,349$177,468
Glacier County MT 116$38,473,272$69,295,868
Golden Valley County MT 11$0$0
Granite County MT 48$1,738,094$3,299,725
Hill County MT 216$141,196,431$304,773,429
Jefferson County MT 156$4,236,073$11,378,477
Judith Basin County MT 42$415,120$1,526,647
Lake County MT 280$99,929,741$136,334,424
Lewis and Clark County MT 1,022$753,982,794$2,796,138,076
Liberty County MT 47$7,660,908$9,727,376
Lincoln County MT 251$70,067,436$211,595,444
Madison County MT 150$30,651,854$63,822,324
McCone County MT 44$11,143,621$29,970,121
Meagher County MT 45$5,292,412$8,695,039
Mineral County MT 43$8,433,095$5,630,671
Missoula County MT 1,996$1,456,043,966$1,413,696,687
Musselshell County MT 83$13,630,467$8,582,578
Park County MT 269$72,502,618$77,995,947
Petroleum County MT 4$0$0
Phillips County MT 90$13,155,504$36,451,431
Pondera County MT 115$19,288,557$22,814,155
Powder River County MT 40$481,059$380,948
Powell County MT 129$12,758,243$36,530,857
Prairie County MT 30$577,178$1,239,525
Ravalli County MT 444$95,547,250$147,856,479
Richland County MT 131$266,730,474$218,046,688
Roosevelt County MT 108$45,165,913$63,204,599
Rosebud County MT 130$31,363,288$42,626,702
Sanders County MT 167$23,390,894$23,967,879
Sheridan County MT 85$26,077,231$45,430,291
Silver Bow County MT 391$215,270,806$259,080,119
Stillwater County MT 128$11,649,209$26,474,825
Sweet Grass County MT 42$2,510,532$4,172,073
Teton County MT 123$55,951,308$138,103,937
Toole County MT 82$14,715,889$19,748,129
Treasure County MT 20$4,398,689$10,131,603
Valley County MT 136$47,511,574$109,193,992
Wheatland County MT 41$7,239,768$5,659,339
Wibaux County MT 20$4,322,600$7,558,019
Yellowstone County MT 1,394$2,187,175,328$2,016,681,139


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