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Kansas Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Kansas (KS)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State23,965
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$19,047,892,272
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$33,323,966,763
Number of Counties in the State105

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Allen County KS 135$12,834,316$23,111,207
Anderson County KS 73$19,436,748$4,943,335
Atchison County KS 172$121,863,828$196,160,672
Barber County KS 82$1,336,811$2,142,476
Barton County KS 295$153,822,653$126,628,027
Bourbon County KS 159$14,684,845$32,629,996
Brown County KS 155$51,617,912$69,453,882
Butler County KS 398$126,962,207$186,888,184
Chase County KS 46$3,893,786$8,751,670
Chautauqua County KS 51$10,770,169$25,445,065
Cherokee County KS 174$20,906,710$20,891,343
Cheyenne County KS 61$2,245,632$11,655,390
Clark County KS 41$1,020,308$3,122,774
Clay County KS 112$6,476,580$5,888,647
Cloud County KS 134$25,735,526$26,450,784
Coffey County KS 105$17,429,721$52,293,251
Comanche County KS 39$6,593,639$4,745,784
Cowley County KS 296$102,001,059$175,334,918
Crawford County KS 333$313,364,302$474,906,522
Decatur County KS 59$7,993,741$5,882,720
Dickinson County KS 227$43,294,497$90,018,472
Doniphan County KS 72$4,957,995$12,561,012
Douglas County KS 1,002$1,144,175,983$2,129,193,988
Edwards County KS 43$495,212$1,385,709
Elk County KS 40$178,795$70,132
Ellis County KS 280$541,395,192$890,734,092
Ellsworth County KS 96$2,119,319$8,069,381
Finney County KS 224$184,908,936$631,404,674
Ford County KS 248$113,918,016$299,639,410
Franklin County KS 257$100,892,165$86,989,946
Geary County KS 241$20,107,207$46,188,015
Gove County KS 46$1,730,588$1,138,469
Graham County KS 59$3,322,023$4,290,171
Grant County KS 69$129,265,248$229,988,607
Gray County KS 53$3,221,201$6,017,316
Greeley County KS 34$10,557,152$6,605,899
Greenwood County KS 76$2,434,099$6,798,026
Hamilton County KS 28$272,179$1,561,677
Harper County KS 86$12,135,733$10,095,310
Harvey County KS 295$231,191,541$302,966,027
Haskell County KS 55$557,382$2,180,556
Hodgeman County KS 26$56,883$110,634
Jackson County KS 110$17,361,668$23,683,732
Jefferson County KS 150$28,703,445$54,640,212
Jewell County KS 61$21,154,591$55,523,595
Johnson County KS 3,840$3,753,579,668$6,455,029,136
Kearny County KS 33$927,696$866,037
Kingman County KS 95$18,437,216$17,521,724
Kiowa County KS 53$11,775,721$20,418,344
Labette County KS 183$105,317,527$137,152,717
Lane County KS 43$18,332,155$38,694,860
Leavenworth County KS 412$121,309,870$112,624,974
Lincoln County KS 61$456,748$2,008,600
Linn County KS 76$710,486$2,217,759
Logan County KS 47$2,828,363$2,458,755
Lyon County KS 319$143,152,379$216,408,808
Marion County KS 177$37,804,705$62,530,581
Marshall County KS 191$37,865,575$57,977,461
McPherson County KS 333$189,275,009$301,342,154
Meade County KS 70$43,899,140$79,004,378
Miami County KS 257$57,548,057$89,483,878
Mitchell County KS 121$25,481,273$122,816,999
Montgomery County KS 287$72,314,281$107,745,154
Morris County KS 89$16,004,038$39,491,440
Morton County KS 33$391,214$458,266
Nemaha County KS 122$26,873,746$43,558,195
Neosho County KS 146$24,045,397$31,464,009
Ness County KS 57$218,836$1,178,508
Norton County KS 98$115,999,155$184,650,965
Osage County KS 142$22,845,215$8,103,284
Osborne County KS 71$245,973$640,713
Ottawa County KS 90$7,933,515$7,375,960
Pawnee County KS 83$16,124,965$11,753,550
Phillips County KS 113$69,758,555$162,970,639
Pottawatomie County KS 158$64,256,544$65,122,742
Pratt County KS 127$73,617,328$93,207,597
Rawlins County KS 43$545,923$1,957,836
Reno County KS 478$345,704,093$814,564,390
Republic County KS 86$14,062,074$12,615,817
Rice County KS 113$22,815,625$37,640,252
Riley County KS 755$620,318,504$1,323,574,360
Rooks County KS 84$3,089,020$3,857,116
Rush County KS 69$5,295,613$6,113,022
Russell County KS 91$15,893,220$9,629,291
Saline County KS 525$448,426,385$866,341,311
Scott County KS 68$157,072,888$317,698,042
Sedgwick County KS 2,896$3,689,587,202$7,088,959,443
Seward County KS 167$71,130,458$111,743,798
Shawnee County KS 1,666$2,295,233,310$6,082,042,304
Sheridan County KS 54$412,032$2,108,268
Sherman County KS 80$2,827,481$10,738,353
Smith County KS 113$14,297,618$31,074,685
Stafford County KS 85$5,415,145$11,577,366
Stanton County KS 21$939,728$555,850
Stevens County KS 65$3,465,855$14,716,933
Sumner County KS 197$24,217,207$48,550,114
Thomas County KS 123$32,359,263$42,406,754
Trego County KS 54$43,051,256$66,557,890
Wabaunsee County KS 76$805,858$1,451,152
Wallace County KS 35$1,322,379$1,713,912
Washington County KS 119$11,476,861$11,645,603
Wichita County KS 30$345,588$2,062,708
Wilson County KS 115$31,097,805$38,172,906
Woodson County KS 47$263,156$637,191
Wyandotte County KS 983$2,467,692,832$1,527,800,200


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