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Form 990 pdf files are also available going back to 2008.

What is a Form 990 file?

A Form 990 is an information return filed by a nonprofit with the IRS that shows extensive details on an organization's income, assets, expenses, executives, directors, salaries, compensation, investments, and more

Sample 990 Files

Phone numbers and other contact info for an organization are typically included in 990 files.

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What is a Data Download?

A data download file - available for any search - includes organization details plus links to available form 990 pdf files for the organization or list of organizations you're downloading.

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The data download will allow you to view, sort, and filter info offline for more in-depth use.

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When will I get my Data Download File?

Immediately - data downloads are instantly created for you. You select a file type, make payment, and get a link to download the file.

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What does a Membership Include?

Memberships are either monthly or annual.

Both membership types include unlimited form 990 pdf downloads plus advanced searching, sorting, and viewing of the entire database of information.

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