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Wisconsin Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Wisconsin (WI)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State45,492
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$63,879,826,996
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$126,915,132,181
Number of Counties in the State72

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adams County WI 87$81,084,748$193,207,724
Ashland County WI 199$163,390,795$191,173,999
Barron County WI 517$210,945,673$406,758,916
Bayfield County WI 203$31,065,138$51,855,534
Brown County WI 1,597$1,762,831,273$3,446,695,228
Buffalo County WI 141$2,433,897$7,080,361
Burnett County WI 146$28,104,619$35,424,453
Calumet County WI 225$45,193,986$185,325,282
Chippewa County WI 427$200,539,698$317,982,092
Clark County WI 303$48,436,482$74,508,590
Columbia County WI 472$189,380,092$241,342,918
Crawford County WI 142$133,489,136$221,109,071
Dane County WI 5,332$11,832,707,364$36,239,434,677
Dodge County WI 535$290,222,734$472,357,348
Door County WI 397$155,469,314$257,118,818
Douglas County WI 338$114,959,056$333,023,357
Dunn County WI 347$288,646,559$1,083,685,552
Eau Claire County WI 697$1,588,435,967$3,180,200,522
Florence County WI 32$398,569$385,091
Fond du Lac County WI 717$677,091,505$991,424,273
Forest County WI 75$5,462,867$6,314,919
Grant County WI 491$148,794,523$233,561,079
Green County WI 281$203,553,558$308,619,378
Green Lake County WI 218$98,530,491$95,521,488
Iowa County WI 195$97,063,324$118,161,243
Iron County WI 66$4,501,752$22,717,369
Jackson County WI 161$98,340,046$421,178,087
Jefferson County WI 537$571,699,426$1,081,504,081
Juneau County WI 237$72,003,422$77,157,627
Kenosha County WI 765$625,186,216$1,133,471,385
Kewaunee County WI 171$7,537,434$11,004,805
La Crosse County WI 950$3,344,386,257$5,613,131,327
Lafayette County WI 160$3,123,180$12,968,358
Langlade County WI 186$137,862,322$1,154,223,900
Lincoln County WI 261$92,963,348$236,927,305
Manitowoc County WI 596$290,951,197$789,803,245
Marathon County WI 857$986,033,036$2,106,234,857
Marinette County WI 389$207,195,064$391,482,808
Marquette County WI 127$2,676,845$2,549,437
Menominee County WI 16$19,107,768$17,543,217
Milwaukee County WI 8,876$22,869,878,380$34,791,566,388
Monroe County WI 319$122,337,547$404,176,896
Oconto County WI 274$77,552,756$158,755,672
Oneida County WI 302$296,774,709$295,636,395
Outagamie County WI 1,267$1,973,519,384$5,946,122,300
Ozaukee County WI 735$206,904,112$503,097,294
Pepin County WI 88$24,721,440$40,240,746
Pierce County WI 331$86,527,132$139,420,770
Polk County WI 353$217,324,401$278,578,650
Portage County WI 444$853,814,851$656,629,652
Price County WI 205$45,626,234$175,597,281
Racine County WI 1,183$1,182,282,619$2,686,955,178
Richland County WI 168$66,360,068$129,039,848
Rock County WI 955$700,445,873$2,165,986,804
Rusk County WI 148$35,461,788$50,286,612
Saint Croix County WI 411$193,606,139$286,757,813
Sauk County WI 503$198,702,321$300,108,810
Sawyer County WI 193$70,448,274$143,270,263
Shawano County WI 374$80,963,142$112,546,790
Sheboygan County WI 865$342,151,542$871,454,728
Taylor County WI 207$111,636,431$239,095,897
Trempealeau County WI 254$196,721,270$340,719,855
Vernon County WI 290$171,758,946$570,226,092
Vilas County WI 298$147,698,753$314,029,053
Walworth County WI 745$605,020,547$641,433,923
Washburn County WI 189$43,464,772$106,623,719
Washington County WI 753$382,599,566$583,540,946
Waukesha County WI 2,814$3,362,491,977$7,054,275,807
Waupaca County WI 468$137,473,331$249,491,295
Waushara County WI 188$23,896,799$25,088,992
Winnebago County WI 1,066$1,088,837,991$2,125,205,365
Wood County WI 629$3,101,025,220$2,765,002,626


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