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West Virginia Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State West Virginia (WV)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State14,298
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$11,393,828,727
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$14,128,212,406
Number of Counties in the State55

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Barbour County WV 146$75,447,314$80,016,284
Berkeley County WV 561$348,725,189$309,539,534
Boone County WV 119$5,815,814$14,713,362
Braxton County WV 103$36,443,351$20,249,932
Brooke County WV 161$81,498,000$109,750,925
Cabell County WV 731$1,565,910,830$1,600,603,450
Calhoun County WV 41$20,825,844$8,757,115
Clay County WV 55$7,672,808$6,141,585
Doddridge County WV 60$4,592,500$10,672,938
Fayette County WV 284$60,673,442$48,539,254
Gilmer County WV 64$22,759,990$59,448,338
Grant County WV 82$46,833,734$33,489,842
Greenbrier County WV 387$80,907,121$92,366,933
Hampshire County WV 156$33,792,247$43,919,695
Hancock County WV 273$176,417,960$152,307,041
Hardy County WV 121$30,507,018$40,529,081
Harrison County WV 593$395,050,314$744,521,813
Jackson County WV 182$38,394,580$23,677,993
Jefferson County WV 426$55,254,119$123,203,496
Kanawha County WV 1,939$3,513,292,431$3,307,069,024
Lewis County WV 149$58,047,671$73,791,724
Lincoln County WV 68$21,031,544$25,310,078
Logan County WV 175$32,076,277$40,915,618
Marion County WV 460$193,984,591$516,155,258
Marshall County WV 229$49,903,977$45,468,560
Mason County WV 182$85,979,726$62,216,646
McDowell County WV 181$16,861,905$50,370,397
Mercer County WV 472$238,984,022$279,812,561
Mineral County WV 210$28,695,865$49,228,259
Mingo County WV 165$13,456,719$12,095,122
Monongalia County WV 740$1,913,514,839$2,867,886,196
Monroe County WV 109$3,271,382$5,513,784
Morgan County WV 116$7,653,417$17,080,188
Nicholas County WV 161$78,512,508$51,802,072
Ohio County WV 777$764,273,686$1,178,309,445
Pendleton County WV 80$29,150,605$50,932,936
Pleasants County WV 58$1,991,571$4,537,616
Pocahontas County WV 91$6,023,593$11,246,000
Preston County WV 264$60,127,695$56,619,965
Putnam County WV 285$37,778,531$48,174,425
Raleigh County WV 445$183,636,553$247,258,010
Randolph County WV 270$155,922,993$191,233,473
Ritchie County WV 84$7,762,870$8,436,515
Roane County WV 100$34,959,230$25,522,883
Summers County WV 83$4,691,193$8,013,061
Taylor County WV 117$28,499,482$17,430,230
Tucker County WV 108$19,917,107$55,199,669
Tyler County WV 84$3,607,230$7,519,356
Upshur County WV 238$169,171,239$162,750,422
Wayne County WV 222$40,539,085$40,105,411
Webster County WV 72$21,543,384$20,466,361
Wetzel County WV 134$5,015,253$6,161,615
Wirt County WV 48$9,188,937$7,687,735
Wood County WV 706$443,701,692$1,043,394,645
Wyoming County WV 118$23,537,749$10,048,535


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