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Ohio Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Ohio (OH)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State88,920
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$128,907,932,026
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$192,474,943,040
Number of Counties in the State89

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adams County OH 182$22,360,053$46,409,676
Allen County OH 823$952,818,723$1,288,685,993
Ashland County OH 418$319,054,289$488,362,626
Ashtabula County OH 742$241,824,762$383,913,351
Athens County OH 591$497,236,826$964,071,319
Auglaize County OH 367$178,437,544$241,735,491
Belmont County OH 505$961,170,828$386,314,920
Boone County OH 7$1,452,506$6,124,142
Brown County OH 242$31,857,819$49,481,363
Butler County OH 2,608$1,182,715,566$2,591,861,137
Carroll County OH 162$40,832,357$73,058,349
Champaign County OH 279$79,610,701$82,493,140
Clark County OH 988$881,831,173$1,687,732,677
Clermont County OH 1,113$359,917,389$843,314,005
Clinton County OH 313$84,103,830$133,541,699
Columbiana County OH 775$305,956,702$454,529,451
Coshocton County OH 322$151,660,152$199,571,631
Crawford County OH 368$197,500,001$139,384,241
Cuyahoga County OH 13,579$31,307,654,826$50,379,980,596
Darke County OH 451$161,870,609$257,032,449
Defiance County OH 360$298,470,232$313,280,685
Delaware County OH 1,052$835,344,324$1,850,080,575
Erie County OH 642$451,519,323$637,915,977
Fairfield County OH 904$616,916,140$796,078,028
Fayette County OH 172$19,556,247$28,501,147
Franklin County OH 10,868$30,752,038,659$40,666,960,478
Fulton County OH 326$147,763,473$171,301,511
Gallia County OH 272$330,083,462$513,611,163
Geauga County OH 683$149,562,743$402,967,238
Greene County OH 1,111$560,120,526$799,003,354
Guernsey County OH 350$254,545,613$160,639,368
Hamilton County OH 7,765$17,001,308,281$29,534,888,391
Hancock County OH 540$612,742,815$1,015,011,586
Hardin County OH 286$354,724,073$431,707,935
Harrison County OH 129$21,736,446$23,976,456
Henry County OH 218$77,319,037$85,051,199
Highland County OH 290$51,940,300$62,619,186
Hocking County OH 192$14,091,421$30,002,242
Holmes County OH 216$177,472,504$213,819,104
Huron County OH 420$225,462,404$369,603,178
Jackson County OH 247$70,606,578$93,140,794
Jefferson County OH 551$415,758,232$498,435,436
Knox County OH 429$458,806,916$1,106,145,038
Lake County OH 1,310$811,882,601$1,262,987,054
Lawrence County OH 263$80,745,641$127,183,234
Licking County OH 1,035$772,018,118$2,294,530,466
Logan County OH 334$185,779,863$303,829,015
Lorain County OH 1,631$1,173,402,078$2,629,815,847
Lucas County OH 2,951$6,469,301,549$9,249,330,693
Madison County OH 290$51,110,832$57,378,909
Mahoning County OH 1,832$1,574,856,946$2,305,594,116
Marion County OH 544$156,243,264$336,873,831
Medina County OH 906$183,035,079$202,036,460
Meigs County OH 150$5,909,295$15,064,373
Mercer County OH 311$43,008,442$86,620,693
Miami County OH 713$177,287,913$347,586,676
Monroe County OH 138$56,213,502$180,853,994
Montgomery County OH 3,806$11,916,984,201$12,107,557,701
Morgan County OH 117$16,945,484$23,512,893
Morrow County OH 174$56,328,450$120,601,292
Muskingum County OH 671$593,852,022$726,340,118
Noble County OH 90$11,627,756$22,642,827
Ottawa County OH 331$129,833,205$171,511,506
Paulding County OH 144$53,405,795$94,365,272
Perry County OH 193$21,775,881$21,910,409
Pickaway County OH 349$72,947,301$110,680,284
Pike County OH 154$70,151,548$257,411,735
Portage County OH 1,008$315,224,204$554,399,077
Preble County OH 266$15,119,259$23,492,988
Putnam County OH 240$30,954,103$42,159,701
Richland County OH 860$582,173,001$640,349,138
Ross County OH 548$519,038,786$926,672,173
Sandusky County OH 490$199,372,320$346,966,869
Scioto County OH 420$482,241,795$659,996,033
Seneca County OH 532$395,823,695$672,364,891
Shelby County OH 448$113,600,061$167,826,478
Stark County OH 2,683$2,133,399,827$3,232,804,802
Summit County OH 3,858$4,942,606,237$6,538,320,910
Trumbull County OH 1,278$337,369,752$1,200,938,529
Tuscarawas County OH 615$221,340,968$344,495,447
Union County OH 320$120,101,943$215,807,031
Van Wert County OH 230$131,908,667$226,854,956
Vinton County OH 76$6,164,213$3,827,484
Warren County OH 1,019$377,795,750$926,050,076
Washington County OH 482$300,254,319$326,344,374
Wayne County OH 729$493,288,442$758,207,248
Williams County OH 345$126,173,732$237,316,869
Wood County OH 969$493,740,731$853,235,558
Wyandot County OH 205$27,837,050$17,954,685


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