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Nebraska Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Nebraska (NE)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State16,979
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$19,880,966,151
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$37,661,476,032
Number of Counties in the State93

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Adams County NE 313$235,868,181$404,178,653
Antelope County NE 78$14,377,435$21,109,665
Arthur County NE 9$0$113,298
Banner County NE 5$15,998$25,896
Blaine County NE 9$0$0
Boone County NE 68$3,353,451$8,198,353
Box Butte County NE 111$35,640,822$126,022,625
Boyd County NE 44$2,008,607$1,727,820
Brown County NE 43$1,019,794$1,066,662
Buffalo County NE 393$321,059,074$551,844,401
Burt County NE 94$21,120,624$49,239,011
Butler County NE 98$9,558,882$23,157,329
Cass County NE 199$33,990,983$111,499,026
Cedar County NE 84$959,403$2,156,527
Chase County NE 68$900,750$2,266,881
Cherry County NE 81$1,478,826$3,340,449
Cheyenne County NE 120$139,621,756$130,298,598
Clay County NE 95$3,163,468$8,601,703
Colfax County NE 95$17,159,747$24,275,854
Cuming County NE 98$32,344,287$74,421,948
Custer County NE 144$24,999,169$44,312,104
Dakota County NE 123$9,924,850$17,334,117
Dawes County NE 110$29,315,339$56,050,044
Dawson County NE 206$16,215,505$39,615,298
Deuel County NE 34$5,489,892$16,938,072
Dixon County NE 60$5,867,308$24,404,555
Dodge County NE 327$93,312,347$198,307,854
Douglas County NE 4,310$11,545,977,388$26,379,561,941
Dundy County NE 35$3,765,009$6,871,418
Fillmore County NE 89$2,061,355$6,203,577
Franklin County NE 48$1,088,770$1,930,985
Frontier County NE 47$3,285,011$5,329,851
Furnas County NE 86$24,167,463$45,879,412
Gage County NE 255$73,370,454$137,757,219
Garden County NE 32$163,511$158,063
Garfield County NE 43$4,527,962$3,676,444
Gosper County NE 20$436,700$1,007,898
Grant County NE 19$219,364$120,424
Greeley County NE 33$180,181$579,527
Hall County NE 417$282,156,001$508,479,148
Hamilton County NE 94$33,589,784$82,969,723
Harlan County NE 46$322,395$931,818
Hayes County NE 18$98,532$383,786
Hitchcock County NE 36$362,765$953,823
Holt County NE 118$71,394,735$87,660,212
Hooker County NE 19$509,843$954,110
Howard County NE 55$611,919$1,815,220
Jefferson County NE 98$29,734,547$35,233,713
Johnson County NE 55$2,520,510$2,171,808
Kearney County NE 73$7,356,527$22,028,556
Keith County NE 109$6,645,309$10,008,318
Keya Paha County NE 23$278,457$266,873
Kimball County NE 43$1,093,477$2,421,745
Knox County NE 100$2,091,262$5,717,400
Lancaster County NE 3,131$4,720,887,801$5,475,766,078
Lincoln County NE 304$176,162,009$390,019,311
Logan County NE 16$187,734$116,872
Loup County NE 6$0$0
Madison County NE 325$253,198,089$325,534,672
McPherson County NE 9$35,027$333,046
Merrick County NE 79$13,425,511$93,164,411
Morrill County NE 42$415,958$367,630
Nance County NE 25$766,380$1,877,852
Nemaha County NE 93$6,454,980$18,544,085
Nuckolls County NE 79$24,010,667$31,623,640
Otoe County NE 158$36,194,142$63,334,645
Pawnee County NE 59$2,254,953$6,898,595
Perkins County NE 41$33,802,624$76,754,165
Phelps County NE 105$52,857,281$111,694,799
Pierce County NE 62$7,623,978$10,238,074
Platte County NE 227$362,772,540$201,365,784
Polk County NE 72$7,158,561$10,383,324
Red Willow County NE 158$46,966,617$80,362,928
Richardson County NE 108$27,811,137$49,343,853
Rock County NE 12$161,992$314,972
Saline County NE 158$94,858,532$237,295,397
Sarpy County NE 646$134,952,060$270,094,645
Saunders County NE 178$10,330,915$41,586,910
Scotts Bluff County NE 375$385,802,195$324,389,436
Seward County NE 187$96,956,140$182,639,706
Sheridan County NE 87$1,320,243$4,908,634
Sherman County NE 33$12,897,384$9,006,437
Sioux County NE 12$321,281$756,798
Stanton County NE 34$278,045$627,594
Thayer County NE 82$11,014,681$21,397,211
Thomas County NE 17$95,601$104,158
Thurston County NE 63$30,989,040$45,809,181
Valley County NE 75$1,415,868$5,508,145
Washington County NE 151$57,338,438$78,242,933
Wayne County NE 100$29,067,559$51,461,655
Webster County NE 65$2,103,167$6,219,167
Wheeler County NE 6$183,690$284,449
York County NE 167$81,107,056$141,517,575


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