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Florida Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Florida (FL)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State107,956
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$109,091,731,876
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$183,000,275,602
Number of Counties in the State67

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Alachua County FL 2,030$4,022,749,126$7,164,764,391
Baker County FL 87$43,639,270$76,798,466
Bay County FL 913$176,851,246$264,668,467
Bradford County FL 122$5,103,775$7,762,782
Brevard County FL 2,892$2,202,041,348$5,928,567,705
Broward County FL 9,677$7,971,379,290$9,510,231,135
Calhoun County FL 63$14,512,550$40,241,469
Charlotte County FL 800$120,310,706$193,564,665
Citrus County FL 750$303,923,013$287,911,223
Clay County FL 747$471,905,893$685,915,402
Collier County FL 2,430$2,127,317,242$4,063,987,054
Columbia County FL 335$36,909,682$41,678,903
DeSoto County FL 146$12,226,530$40,748,460
Dixie County FL 96$4,323,916$8,872,695
Duval County FL 6,423$9,746,040,413$20,210,098,007
Escambia County FL 1,796$2,169,561,522$2,789,595,371
Flagler County FL 461$195,659,031$344,437,463
Franklin County FL 90$7,319,247$16,531,107
Gadsden County FL 301$163,068,359$471,801,213
Gilchrist County FL 84$12,756,437$7,651,003
Glades County FL 36$61,388,875$161,545,683
Gulf County FL 123$56,060,911$165,790,524
Hamilton County FL 68$6,130,003$3,377,439
Hardee County FL 149$97,459,934$246,655,275
Hendry County FL 176$26,571,423$18,247,424
Hernando County FL 691$81,068,792$68,471,879
Highlands County FL 597$111,597,895$132,576,469
Hillsborough County FL 6,597$12,113,768,163$20,135,401,944
Holmes County FL 101$31,052,210$46,096,072
Indian River County FL 1,093$628,095,474$973,994,315
Jackson County FL 295$90,870,472$180,174,872
Jefferson County FL 110$4,936,997$22,691,643
Lafayette County FL 46$427,054$3,471,918
Lake County FL 1,650$1,237,246,869$2,293,286,697
Lee County FL 3,324$2,057,579,129$4,091,602,268
Leon County FL 2,612$4,302,195,723$5,497,993,197
Levy County FL 219$75,226,347$136,188,428
Liberty County FL 53$24,141,774$31,579,816
Madison County FL 123$58,509,628$108,890,329
Manatee County FL 1,678$644,614,510$1,200,134,169
Marion County FL 1,472$792,362,473$825,549,981
Martin County FL 1,136$859,219,358$1,342,196,704
Miami-Dade County FL 11,780$17,427,589,220$22,583,368,833
Monroe County FL 792$419,560,623$685,153,770
Nassau County FL 479$97,524,890$282,325,939
Okaloosa County FL 992$209,286,027$453,465,558
Okeechobee County FL 194$17,639,882$16,528,181
Orange County FL 7,668$8,025,797,584$12,548,487,456
Osceola County FL 884$699,849,062$511,339,011
Palm Beach County FL 9,404$6,923,105,148$14,449,705,778
Pasco County FL 1,715$1,116,188,596$1,753,674,517
Pinellas County FL 5,842$6,923,364,743$10,503,743,728
Polk County FL 2,926$2,351,845,725$5,200,407,327
Putnam County FL 415$55,148,033$189,613,082
Saint Johns County FL 1,224$2,234,234,280$3,122,855,544
Saint Lucie County FL 1,196$376,801,429$712,860,606
Santa Rosa County FL 622$84,246,433$273,791,448
Sarasota County FL 3,208$1,915,598,555$3,436,654,286
Seminole County FL 2,065$4,166,703,012$12,183,402,929
Sumter County FL 348$354,372,753$677,339,735
Suwannee County FL 208$142,318,889$239,178,021
Taylor County FL 85$29,939,404$29,352,992
Union County FL 60$1,001,429$657,457
Volusia County FL 2,614$2,177,202,854$2,857,358,047
Wakulla County FL 158$12,371,510$15,054,648
Walton County FL 339$138,246,576$325,342,285
Washington County FL 123$23,631,799$106,811,000


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