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Arkansas Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Arkansas (AR)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State19,119
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$19,580,172,523
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$21,193,840,460
Number of Counties in the State75

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Arkansas County AR 190$38,986,517$46,296,329
Ashley County AR 150$45,526,668$63,159,482
Baxter County AR 296$254,162,074$251,575,629
Benton County AR 1,120$7,590,238,513$4,021,312,947
Boone County AR 306$140,957,498$150,043,100
Bradley County AR 80$28,196,401$32,131,618
Calhoun County AR 47$7,484,525$6,590,452
Carroll County AR 200$168,482,402$497,146,778
Chicot County AR 91$26,245,076$31,284,764
Clark County AR 202$171,897,846$408,768,707
Clay County AR 79$35,057,327$99,281,778
Cleburne County AR 162$13,009,022$22,773,241
Cleveland County AR 50$1,927,702$11,812,621
Columbia County AR 188$42,465,656$56,408,157
Conway County AR 124$42,673,741$63,664,117
Craighead County AR 462$663,127,176$762,498,511
Crawford County AR 285$32,737,739$51,809,008
Crittenden County AR 279$99,226,481$58,908,776
Cross County AR 93$18,061,219$13,155,780
Dallas County AR 83$2,147,722$6,335,174
Desha County AR 142$41,350,940$37,522,251
Drew County AR 155$15,980,960$20,127,024
Faulkner County AR 544$365,424,938$638,912,554
Franklin County AR 91$114,275,499$247,032,352
Fulton County AR 72$65,703,239$212,052,952
Garland County AR 631$155,180,343$208,206,246
Grant County AR 92$3,154,187$12,228,310
Greene County AR 163$95,451,269$97,751,749
Hempstead County AR 125$35,483,558$21,886,305
Hot Spring County AR 194$35,170,868$53,702,933
Howard County AR 105$25,805,849$47,971,115
Independence County AR 245$298,108,940$401,137,815
Izard County AR 82$3,430,521$14,027,419
Jackson County AR 119$14,585,443$39,570,835
Jefferson County AR 646$318,871,418$381,632,160
Johnson County AR 143$85,548,131$187,628,691
Lafayette County AR 47$4,029,022$3,527,596
Lawrence County AR 93$2,505,338$4,334,345
Lee County AR 51$5,393,740$4,476,617
Lincoln County AR 51$37,207,064$119,090,366
Little River County AR 85$12,123,531$8,011,646
Logan County AR 162$19,709,974$30,059,992
Lonoke County AR 258$22,623,148$23,692,830
Madison County AR 112$7,583,807$18,271,378
Marion County AR 119$4,083,319$2,252,697
Miller County AR 171$43,394,610$33,297,803
Mississippi County AR 247$197,524,147$153,572,163
Monroe County AR 86$10,037,098$11,700,720
Montgomery County AR 67$1,215,697$3,803,442
Nevada County AR 63$1,857,246$3,368,419
Newton County AR 81$8,237,575$13,277,483
Ouachita County AR 191$77,125,570$119,577,369
Perry County AR 77$5,450,075$4,573,452
Phillips County AR 158$40,882,050$41,206,050
Pike County AR 64$2,502,913$10,385,986
Poinsett County AR 110$2,478,726$6,058,833
Polk County AR 160$34,228,229$84,721,351
Pope County AR 372$93,444,445$204,920,863
Prairie County AR 60$372,890$729,740
Pulaski County AR 3,934$4,869,716,207$6,644,630,468
Randolph County AR 122$31,795,934$27,401,927
Saint Francis County AR 149$54,732,465$161,221,372
Saline County AR 436$197,758,388$129,049,656
Scott County AR 61$1,306,464$626,027
Searcy County AR 92$18,792,558$15,479,520
Sebastian County AR 780$291,932,279$381,473,873
Sevier County AR 92$16,195,199$18,716,225
Sharp County AR 141$15,123,162$12,927,036
Stone County AR 86$3,838,251$5,583,987
Union County AR 347$73,115,042$223,753,429
Van Buren County AR 143$58,008,192$108,490,242
Washington County AR 1,294$1,767,065,815$2,620,464,667
White County AR 373$394,317,811$595,140,776
Woodruff County AR 46$30,169,889$28,022,258
Yell County AR 102$26,157,245$39,600,176


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