American Samoa
Nonprofits and Tax Exempt Organizations

Numer of Organizations Total
Highest Asset Amount Average Assets Highest Income Amount Average Income
80 $7,554,291 $4,014,764 $3,244,542 $532,881 $1,105,936 $280,573
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501(C) Classification Totals

  • • The following table is a list of 501(c) classifications and the number of organizations in American Samoa granted an exempt status under that classification.
    • The 501(c) section of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 defines the category under which an organization may be tax exempt.
Classification Description Organization Count Organization Assets
501(c)(3) Charitable Organization 52 $6,415,522 501c3
501(c)(3) Religious Organization 10 $0 501c3
501(c)(3) Educational Organization 9 $1,044,815 501c3
501(c)(5) Agricultural Organization 3 $0 501c5
501(c)(5) Labor Organization 1 $0 501c5
501(c)(6) Board of Trade 1 $0 501c6
501(c)(7) Pleasure, Recreational, or Social Club 1 $0 501c7
501(c)(19) Post or Organization of War Veterans 1 $0 501c19
501(c)(4) Social Welfare Organization 1 $0 501c4
- none - No Classification 1 $93,954

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