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Alabama Counties
Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organizations

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State Alabama (AL)
Number of Non Profit/Tax Exempt Organizations Based in the State28,011
Total Reported Income Amount of Organizations in the State$17,160,602,528
Total Reported Asset Amount of Organizations in the State$40,120,988,019
Number of Counties in the State67

Download the entire list of nonprofit/tax exempt organizations
from this state
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County/StateNumber of OrganizationsTotal Reported Income AmountTotal Reported Asset Amount
Autauga County AL 213$113,801,144$256,997,373
Baldwin County AL 991$511,745,888$2,427,856,998
Barbour County AL 154$4,907,369$10,777,038
Bibb County AL 79$4,540,607$10,360,517
Blount County AL 165$24,782,730$25,603,125
Bullock County AL 52$1,331,686$1,991,107
Butler County AL 126$33,745,293$78,470,169
Calhoun County AL 641$421,809,780$735,578,247
Chambers County AL 150$175,025,316$228,789,285
Cherokee County AL 82$60,924,801$97,584,912
Chilton County AL 151$15,764,906$17,602,860
Choctaw County AL 95$7,835,142$81,653,573
Clarke County AL 141$45,507,640$101,034,321
Clay County AL 65$3,150,735$4,143,946
Cleburne County AL 46$950,584$2,230,402
Coffee County AL 212$43,992,371$101,134,986
Colbert County AL 239$170,554,203$1,031,551,332
Conecuh County AL 81$8,071,840$2,294,741
Coosa County AL 59$753,314$5,107,941
Covington County AL 212$716,524,201$1,992,886,714
Crenshaw County AL 64$1,817,043$4,461,422
Cullman County AL 285$238,193,201$320,702,492
Dale County AL 183$57,916,686$97,177,187
Dallas County AL 354$61,698,177$168,256,316
De Kalb County AL 233$97,708,151$137,718,476
Elmore County AL 342$77,569,549$99,032,626
Escambia County AL 222$81,255,803$170,623,116
Etowah County AL 513$164,370,968$913,597,675
Fayette County AL 130$14,221,173$29,650,199
Franklin County AL 124$13,808,446$53,075,233
Geneva County AL 102$49,724,101$99,589,189
Greene County AL 74$14,321,064$4,105,659
Hale County AL 83$3,969,251$4,378,229
Henry County AL 81$24,822,814$24,460,950
Houston County AL 567$190,534,985$507,677,987
Jackson County AL 191$44,456,012$54,059,534
Jefferson County AL 5,535$6,892,524,512$14,670,490,752
Lamar County AL 49$971,543$1,745,395
Lauderdale County AL 958$62,320,276$141,231,045
Lawrence County AL 171$157,039,771$259,223,736
Lee County AL 723$663,086,432$934,757,393
Limestone County AL 246$11,217,668$23,735,771
Lowndes County AL 83$4,895,286$6,760,116
Macon County AL 242$178,994,433$374,902,102
Madison County AL 1,911$491,449,555$997,870,370
Marengo County AL 134$55,353,184$90,709,760
Marion County AL 84$22,247,718$40,234,890
Marshall County AL 317$131,194,138$153,637,051
Mobile County AL 2,896$2,096,462,759$4,062,254,052
Monroe County AL 133$15,063,710$40,789,809
Montgomery County AL 2,163$1,440,689,046$4,035,549,900
Morgan County AL 526$169,064,761$651,720,390
Perry County AL 61$13,710,758$43,379,409
Pickens County AL 110$28,191,674$21,104,142
Pike County AL 200$115,732,386$328,122,683
Randolph County AL 82$2,064,250$5,929,218
Russell County AL 197$9,282,342$15,312,201
Saint Clair County AL 286$72,584,619$92,855,567
Shelby County AL 910$344,752,262$721,077,872
Sumter County AL 140$10,173,067$9,005,946
Talladega County AL 363$106,853,870$300,383,453
Tallapoosa County AL 185$103,250,190$153,110,201
Tuscaloosa County AL 1,185$389,272,779$1,935,405,495
Walker County AL 336$55,909,672$82,400,747
Washington County AL 92$8,258,781$15,953,348
Wilcox County AL 96$1,763,489$6,496,805
Winston County AL 95$4,120,623$2,622,523


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